Homes for Ukraine Scheme

1. Please provide a table with a breakdown of the ages and genders of hosts and refugees that have been paired up, with ages in the following brackets: minors, 18-30; 30-50;50+
2. How many single men/men living alone (sponsors/hosts) have been matched with refugee women or refugee women and children under the scheme?
3. How many host/sponsor applications have not passed safeguarding/suitability checks carried out by the council and therefore been denied host status? Please state as a number and a percentage of all applications made
4. For those that did not pass safeguarding/suitability checks, please detail the reasons (or most common 5 reasons if multiple) for why hosts/sponsors did not pass these checks.
5. How many refugees have requested to change or move host families, after they have either lived with or been matched with (please state which) that family for a period of time. Please expand on the reasons for doing so.

Devon County Council do not hold this information.

We believe this data may be held within the relevant government Foundry IT system, and advise you to contact them.