Hate Crimes and Abuse

How many disabled people have you victimised, harassed or abused?

No disabled people have been victimised, harassed or abused while employed by Devon County Council.

How many times have you been notified of victimisation, harassment or abuse but ignored it?

Please see the answer to the previous question.

How many prosecutions for misleading prices offences have you taken? (per year since 2004)

We hold this information but, due to low numbers, disclosure may identify individuals so is, therefore, exempt under Section 40 of the Freedom of information Act 2000 – ‘Personal Data’.

How many times have you attempted to discipline anyone for doing too much/extra work?

No employees have been disciplined for doing too much or extra work, therefore we do not hold this information.

How many times have you commenced disciplinary action against an employee without telling the subject of those proceedings what they were alleged to have done wrong?


How many times have you failed to make reasonable adjustments as required by law to assist disabled employees?


How many times have you deliberately set about to orchestrate the dismissal of a dedicated, decorated, diligent if disabled employee?


How many times have you, or any of your officers, lied to a court of law?


How many times have you prosecuted anyone for telling the truth?


How many episodes of abuse have you condoned?