Hate crime strategy

1. Is hate crime included in the council’s current Community Safety plan?

We do not hold a County Council Community Safety Plan. Community Safety plans are developed and implemented by District Councils, please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.

2. Does the council have a separate hate crime plan/strategy?

No. There have been Hate Crime Prevention Strategies in the past but these were led by the Safer Devon Partnership, not the County Council

3. Does the council have a designated hate crime lead?

Yes. Dave Wright.

4. Does the council service facilitate or take part in any hate crime forums?

Yes. The Hate Crime Scrutiny Group – facilitated by Devon and Cornwall Police. Meetings were suspended in mid 2018 due to the introduction of new Data Protections laws but are expected to resume before the end of 2019

5. Does the police service have a designated hate crime information page on its website?

Yes. Devon and Cornwall Police 

6. Does the council service have access to hate crime resources?

We use publicity materials, advice leaflets, online advice, for example, and worked with Devon and Cornwall Police to develop the Zero tolerance campaign which is widely used across Devon.

7. Does the council service refer victims of hate crime to independent advice and support services?

Yes, although very few victims approach Devon County Council officers directly, and there is no active 3rd party reporting system in Devon.  The OPCC (Office of Police and Crime Commissioner) operates the Victim Care Unit which specifically caters for victims of hate crime and refers them to appropriate support agencies.

8. Is the council planning to participate in National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2019?

Yes. The council is liaising with Devon and Cornwall Police and Babcock LDP EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Achievement Service) to support awareness raising workshops in local schools.

9. Has the council participated in pervious National Hate Crime Awareness weeks?

Yes. Between 2013 and 2017 Devon County Council led on the coordination of Hate Crime Awareness Week – working with 3rd sector organisations across the county to organise awareness raising events and activities. This is now led by Devon and Cornwall Police.