Hate crime – strategy, lead, forums and resources

1. Is hate crime included in the council’s current Community Safety plan?

No. Hate Crime is not included in the current county-wide Community Safety Plan. Devon is a two-tier area and county-wide activities involve focus on a selective group of community safety issues. District Community Safety Partnerships carry out community safety work focused on the needs of their local areas. They have their own plans, some of which may include reference to hate crime if this is viewed to be a priority theme within their localities.

2. Does the council have a separate hate crime plan/strategy?


3. Does the council have a designated hate crime lead?


4. Does the council service facilitate or take part in any hate crime forums?

Representatives from Devon County Council are sometimes invited to take part in the local Hate Crime Scrutiny panel meetings that are organised by the Police Diverse Communities Team).

5. Does the Council have a designated hate crime information page on its website?
Devon County Council does indeed have a designated hate crime information page on its website.

6. Does the Council facilitate hate crime reporting?

Devon County Council provides signposting for the public and partners to support with the reporting of hate crimes via third party reporting sites via this Devon County Council webpage.

7. Does the Council have a budget for tackling hate crime? What is/was that budget?


8. Does the council have access to hate crime resources?

Hate crime resources used by Devon County Council departments come from the Safer Devon Partnership.

9. Does the council refer victims of hate crime to independent advice and support services?

Please see this Devon County Council webpage for the list of independent advice and support services Devon County Council refers people to.

Devon County Council does not have a way of tracking referrals made by individual staff or directorates to independent advice and support services. Devon County Council does have strong network links with a range of independent organisations and staff do have access to information about local organisations offering support to those vulnerable to hate crime.

10. Is the council planning to participate in National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2022 (8-16 October)?
 Yes (if yes – can you tell us what the council is planning to do:
 No
Don’t know

11. Has the council participated in previous National Hate Crime Awareness weeks?
 Yes (if yes – please can you tick the years that the police service has taken part in the national week)
 2012 – Yes
 2013 – Yes
 2014 – Yes
 2015 – Yes
 2016
 2017
 2018
 2019
 2020
 2021
 No
 Don’t know