Handling of Gulls at Waste sites

Could I ask for the following information please?

• Can you confirm that such activity (the shooting and/or disturbance of gulls at landfill sites used in North Devon) is sanctioned by either Torridge or North Devon, or identify other possibilities.
• Can you confirm how many individuals are employed in such activities, and the selection process. Specifically are they tested on ability to recognise Schedule 1 protected gulls?
• If it is sanctioned by Torridge, could you give me details of the approved locations, overall objective, the strategy, success criteria, and the results over the past 3 years against the success criteria.
• By what mechanisms are the activity controlled and monitored to ensure legal compliance
• How many gulls and of what species have been shot by this individual (and any colleagues) in each of the past 3 years at each site.
• Have any other species been killed (deliberately or inadvertently), and if so how many and what species

With regard to closed landfill sites which are managed by Devon County Council, we can confirm that there is no culling or disturbance of gulls.

Devon County Council hold no information on the potential culling or disturbance of gulls at active landfill sites in Devon as they are operated by the commercial sector.