Halls Lane and Gourders Lane, Kingskerwell

1. Recently work was completed to infill a number of potholes on a speed hump at Halls Lane, Kingskerswell. Please provide the instructions given to the contractor. Please include specifications for the repair or any generic instructions they may work to, the inspection and sign off stating this has been completed to the standard agreed and by whom, any photos provided before and after.

The report was visited by an inspector who identifies the work required and raises a task order. The inspector is employed by our contractor. The generic repair to this type of defect would be a pothole repair. Please refer to the repair to potholes specification.  Individual defect repairs are not signed off, the contractor certifies completion. Following the investigation the quality of repair was raised with the contractor and further works were undertaken to rectify the poor repair at the contractors expense.

You can find the photographs we hold in this folder

2. Recently a risk Assessment was completed to assess the suitability of Gourders Lane, Kingskerswell as a diversionary route. Please provide a copy of the risk assessment and any other documents, notes or emails involved in this matter.

Devon County Council has not completed a risk assessment to assess the suitability as a diversionary route.