Gravel Pit, Drumbridges Roundabout

1. Could you please let me know if, when and how ownership of the land known as the ‘Gravel Pit’ near Drumbridges Roundabout on the A38 (previously part of a national Highway) was acquired by Devon County Council.

We can confirm that the land is not owned by Devon County Council.  Any information may be held by the planning register held by Teignbridge District Council and we would therefore recommend that you contact them to obtain any available information.    Their contact details are available on their website at:

All information in relation to land ownership is available on the Land Registry.  Their website can be found at:

2. Can you please let me know what planning consent has been sought or granted with respect to use of the above land as a store of materials for DCC Highways/their agents (or for any other use).

The County Council holds no information regarding any planning consent for this area of land.  However,  it is recorded that Environment Agency Waste Exemptions were registered on 20/09/1995 & 23/04/1996 for the storage of materials.