Graffiti Removal

“I am interested in information held by your organisation regarding graffiti removal. Specifically, I am interested in any information related to graffiti at heritage assets, including listed buildings.

I am requesting the following information:

  • Your policy for graffiti removal. Including, but not limited to:

o          Whether graffiti is dealt with by an external company

o          What checks are made to ensure graffiti is removed satisfactorily?

o          What is your target time frame for removal of graffiti?

o          How do you prioritise removal of reported graffiti?

o          Do you have specific requirements for the removal of graffiti at heritage assets, including listed buildings?

  • Number of graffiti incidents reported to you for each of the last three years

o          How many of these were at heritage assets, including listed buildings?”



Please note that Devon County Council is not responsible for graffiti removal and therefore does not hold the information requested.  This service is provided by district and unitary councils in Devon.  Please contact them directly using the information on the links provided to obtain this information.