General Data Protection Regulation

1. Please provide to me copies of information, advice or training materials sent to schools, head teachers or governors in your local authority pertaining to GDPR sent in the last 12 months so i.e. from the beginning of January 2017 to date

2. Please include any sample policies or sample policy pro-formas where these are available and produced by the local authority, sent in the last 12 months i.e. from the beginning of January 2017 to date

3. Please include any policies pertaining to data protection, consent, privacy, security, subject access requests etc in order for educational establishments to be GDPR compliant

4. Please include any PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, PDFs or word documents where appropriate

5. Where local authority advisers or consultants, have provided specific bespoke advice to educational institutions, please could you provide me with a sample list of three (3) organisations/schools (chosen in alphabetical order or most recent) where there have been visits by local authority advisers to provide support to GDPR

6. Where this support has been provided specifically to the educational establishment concerned, please provide me with copies of said information pertaining to the advice

Devon County Council have not issued any specific guidance to schools or educational establishments covering GDPR. As such, we do not hold any information which meets the scope of your request.

However, we can confirm that we have published general guidance on the website: