Freedom of Information requests in 2019

In 2019 how many FOI requests did you receive?

In the calendar year 2019 Devon County Council received 1409 requests under both the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 including requests where we asked for clarification but did not get a response.

A) of those answered please provide a breakdown of the responses (I.e. full disclosure, info not held, over fees etc)

Status Total
All information sent 652
Clock stopped – More information requested due 2
Exceeds appropriate limit – refused 9
Information not held 306
Internal review – Upheld – partial 8
Neither confirm or deny information held 10
No information sent – all held but exempt 22
Not upheld 12
Part exempt and exceeds appropriate limit 2
Prepare response due 1
Rejected (no clarification received) 102
Repeated request 1
Request lapsed: requested information not provided 3
Some information sent and exceeds appropriate limit 18
Some information sent but not all held 163
Some information sent but part exempt 83
Some information sent but part exempt – Internal review request received 1
Some information sent, part exempt and exceeds limit 5
Upheld – full 5
Vexatious request 1
Withdrawn 3

B) how many were answered within the 20 working day limit


C) how many requests resulted in an Internal Review


D) how many requests resulted in an ICO complaint