Fostering Devon – Foster Carers Allowances

What is Devon County Councils’ 2022-23 weekly foster care allowances for all age bands? (Not including any fee/reward element for foster carers)

Fee and allowance all ages dependant on need:-

Standard £231.01
Enhanced £302.03
Enhanced plus £373.03

What allowances can all foster carers claim in addition to their weekly allowance?

Birthday and Festival allowances – These payments are intended to cover the costs of gifts, entertainment and incidental expenses. Payments are made around the relevant time to allow carers to buy gifts. If a child moves placement within two weeks of the birthday or festival, either the gifts or the allowance will transfer to the new placement.

Where children in placement observe a religious festival other than Christmas, this should be discussed with their social worker. The allowance will still be paid before Christmas, and carers and social workers should agree when it is most appropriately spent.

Age group Birthdays & Festivals –

0-4years £100.00
5-10 years £164.80
11-15 years £205.24
16 + £249.71

Holiday allowances –

0-4years £426.02
5-10 years £426.02
11-15 years £426.02
16 + £426.02

Mileage – 0.45p per mile

What is DCC’s 2022-23 weekly allowances for former foster carers looking after young people in 18+ Staying Put arrangements, broken down by year 1, year 2, and year 3 if necessary.

Rates for staying put arrangements from 2019 to date – £270.76 per week per young person