Flooding history for Merrifield to Orestone – 06/2000 – 06/2020

I am looking for information on how many times the council or its agencies have been contacted about flooding issues on a small country lane up to June 2020 from as far back as possible, but certainly the last 20 years. This should include the details of the problems raised.

I am also looking for details of the easements and buddle holes the council have listed along the route and the dates of these listings.

The road is a country lane. One of the postcodes on the lane is TQ6 0LN. The lane is sometimes referred to as ‘Merrifield to Orestone’. A property known as ‘Higher North Mill’ is at the bottom of the road. The parish is Slapton.

The County Council’s highway records dating from 2000 to present include four contacts regarding flooding / blocked drains on the road from Merrifield Cross to Orestone.

In addition the County Council’s historic flooding records  indicate 8 properties in this location flooding early July 2012.

The rest of the requested information can be found on this Devon County Council webpage.