Flood Risk Management

1. Is the council a Lead Local Flood Authority? If so, please provide the number of people employed by the council in flood risk-related roles for each year from 2010 to the present date, or most recently available.

Yes, Devon County Council (DCC) are the Lead Local Flood Authority for their area.

Year Number of people employed
2010 1 x secondment manager, 2 x internships and 2 x EA FCRM (Flood & Coastal Risk Management) Foundation Degree Students
2011 4 FTE
2012 4 FTE
2013 5 FTE
2014 5 FTE
2015 6 FTE (+1 FTE delivering Defra funded project)
2016 6 FTE
2017 7 FTE
2018 7.8 FTE
2019 8.4 FTE
2020 8.4 FTE
2021 9.4 FTE (+approx. 0.8 FTE delivering new Defra funded project)

2. Has the council developed or is it currently developing a Flood Risk Management Strategy for 2021 onwards? If so, please provide any estimate the council has made of how much it would cost to implement the measures proposed in the latest version of this document. 

Yes, the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy was updated and published in February 2021. It is estimated that over £19m will be required to deliver the flood resilience measures in the identified high priority communities and to fulfil the duties of the Lead Local Flood Authority over the Strategy period of 2021-27.

3. Has the council ever applied for Flood Defence Grant in Aid to fund or partly fund flood risk management schemes? If so, please provide the total amount of grant applied for and the total amount awarded. Please provide these figures annually from 2015 to the present day. 

Yes, DCC has applied for and received Flood Defence Grant in Aid to support delivery of the essential flood improvements.

Year Total amount of Funding received (All figures were both applied for and awarded)
2014/15 £98,914
2015/16 £0
2016/17 £186,000
2017/18 £986,000
2018/19 £296,382
2019/20 £765,000
2020/21 £930,904
2021/22 at least £543,884