Fleet management and electric vehicles

Fleet Management
1. What is the size of your fleet?

336 vehicles

2. Does your authority operate a fleet management software product? If so, which provider?

Yes via an internal application

3. What is the annual spend for this contract?

4. When does the contract expire? 

5. If you go through the tender process, which framework or platform do you use? 

Following our response to question 2, we do not hold this information.

6. Is your fleet maintenance conducted in house? Externally outsourced? Or both?

Externally outsourced

1. Is your authority planning on moving towards an alternative fuel fleet? Or have you already implemented an alternative fuel fleet and charging provider?

Devon County Council (DCC) is moving towards having a predominantly electric vehicle fleet

2. If you already have charging ports installed for fleet vehicles, how many are installed and what charging network (i.e., PodPoint, Engie) do you use?

DCC own chargepoints for fleet usage and we currently have 7 chargepoints.

3. What is planned next?

DCC are planning to install a further 10 chargepoints this financial year.

1. Who is your current telematics supplier? 
2. What is the annual spend for this contract? 
3. When does the contract expire? 

In response to the above questions, we can confirm that we do not have any fitted.