Exeter Schools Admissions, Free School Meals and Class Sizes

“I am trying to find statistics for year on year growth of secondary student numbers per secondary school in Exeter.

I am interested in newly started year 7 students at Isca and St James over the last few years and any projected numbers.

I am also interested in class sizes over the years as well for those schools and generally in Exeter. Do you have any statistics for this information please?

I tried to look at the free school meals stats but struggled with the layout and how to navigate around.”

Admission numbers for St James and Isca from 2016 to present are provided in the below table:-

Sep 2019 Intake 2018 Intake 2017 Intake 2016 Intake
St James 196 196 196 196
Isca 196 196 185 145

Further Admissions information for Isca and St James’ is publicly available on our website, and can be accessed via the links provided.

Devon County Council does not hold numbers relating to class sizes, this information would be held by individual Devon Schools.  Contact details for schools can be found by accessing the link provided.

With regard to free school meals, we would be grateful if you could please clarify what statistics you require in order for us to respond to you on this.

General information relating to free school meals can be found on our website via the link provided.