Energy consumption

I would like to obtain information regarding Devon’s annual energy consumption. I am not sure what data you have available and am unsure what exactly you can provide me. However, if possible I would be very grateful if you could provide me with information on the following topics:

– Devon’s historical and current energy consumption (dating back to 1990, if possible)
– What that energy consists of (does the figure include commercial and residential? if not, what is included)
– Where the energy has been sourced from (renewable sources, gas, etc.) 

Devon County Council does not  collect and store records of Devon’s energy consumption, nor its energy supply sources and we therefore do not hold this information.

However, some of the requested data have been sourced by Devon County Council staff and published, in summary form, in collaboration with the Devon Local Nature Partnership, in the ‘Climate Change and Energy’ section of the ‘Devon and Torbay State of the Environment Report’. This is available online at: