Energy and energy reduction – staff and schools

1/ How many staff managing Energy / sustainability either full or part time do you currently employ? 

1b/ Can you also include there job titles.

A wide range of staff will have some degree of involvement in energy / sustainability issues. However, there are two specific staff with lead roles covering these responsibilities, as follows:
• Corporate Energy Manager
• Environment and Sustainability Policy Officer

2/ Do you currently support schools with energy reduction within your County?

The role that Devon County Council takes in relation to energy issues in schools is defined by the scope of its published Energy Strategy (see
This policy is applicable to energy consumption arising from all statutory and discretionary services provided by the Authority directly or through its contractors to the communities of Devon. The Authority will encourage schools to adopt the energy management principles laid out in this policy and will continue to address energy and carbon reduction in schools through the School Maintenance Budget.

3/ Is your council considering Zero Carbon targets?

The formal position relating to the consideration of Zero Carbon targets by this authority is set out in the Minutes of the County Council meeting on 21st February 2019 at which a Notice of Motion on Climate Change was considered. See:

However, we should clarify that this position is being further reviewed in the light of this Authority’s involvement in the newly formed Climate Emergency Resilience Group, through which Devon County Council will work with other strategic bodies on zero carbon agenda. Any future updates on this will be made available via the County Council’s News Centre