Electric vehicle charge points

Has the Devon County Council applied for / received funding for electric vehicle charge point infrastructure from the UK Government? If not, why?

• Devon County Council (DCC) has applied for and received funding from the European Regional Development Fund and the On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

What are the barriers you are facing for rolling out electric vehicle charge points across Devon (ie: funding, insufficient technology, low priority, time constraints, etc)

• Determining best and most suitable locations
• For fleet charging, cost of installation can be an issue
• Getting leases completed and signed
• Accessibility by disabled citizens
• Suitable technologies for on-street

Are the Council installing electric charging infrastructure exclusively for new developments, or are the council looking into installing electric vehicle charge points for existing on-street parking?

• DCC isn’t a planning authority so not involved with new development
• DCC is currently determining areas of the region that are most in need of on-street

How are on-street charging points managed across Devon? (Privately, in-house, etc)

• DCC has only been involved in one on-street project and the chargepoints will be owned and managed by Gamma Energy