Election costs

Provide me with the estimated or actual amount of money spent by the local authority on the following items when administering the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 UK General Election?

Printing ballot papers

Distributing postal votes within the UK

Distributing postal votes abroad

Staff time for manning polling stations

  • counting ballot papers
  • administering postal votes and proxy vote applications
  • processing received postal votes

Promotional material highlighting the date of the vote across the local authority

Pencils at polling stations

Polling booths

Ballot boxes

Tactile voting devices

Training staff (both counting staff and staff manning polling stations)

Signs directing voters to the polling station

Polling station signs

Hiring polling stations

Transporting ballot papers from polling stations to count centres

Storing completed ballot papers after the election

Provision of disabled access at polling stations

The responsibility for administration of the general election rests with each of the District and Unitary Councils in Devon.  Therefore Devon County Council does not hold the information you have requested.

To obtain this information you are advised to contact each of these public authorities separately.  Contact details are available to view via the link in blue above .