EDDC planning application reference number 22/1019/PDR

I am emailing in relation to East Devon District Council (EDDC) planning application reference number 22/1019/PDR. DCC was the Local Highway Authority in relation to this application, which has now been withdrawn.

I would be grateful if Devon County Council (DCC) could provide the following information.

i) Which person(s) brought the potential visitor figures for the proposed shop to the DCC Highways Officer’s attention, as EDDC has stated that it did not mention visitor numbers in any EDDC Officer communications with the Local Highway Authority? (In this regard, please see the DCC Highway Officer’s final response, which states that “it has been brought to my attention of the potential visitor figures that this farm shop could procure”.)

No one. The change in stance was due to a genuine officer error as explained above.

(ii) Which person brought the potential use of the shop as a “farm shop” to the DCC Highway Officer’s attention, as the application was for a cafe/shop and no mention was made of a “farm shop” until it was included in the DCC Highway Officer’s final response?

See our response to question 1.

Further, the nature of the goods was not relevant in the officer decision making. The officer referred to the premises as a farm shop instead of a proposed shop and café, but this is not what resulted in the second consultation response. The reason for the second consultation response is set out above

(iii) Did any Councillor (EDDC or DCC) have any contact with the DCC Highways Officer regarding the application and, if so, please provide copies of all communications relating to such contact?


(iv) Is DCC aware of any DCC Officers being placed under any undue pressure (oral or written) by any Councillor which resulted in the DCC Highways Officer’s response changing (without further input from any EDDC Officer) between the DCC Officer’s second response to the application and the third (final) response.