Dryden Road – traffic flow

Please can I have the following:

– All vehicle flow data regarding monitoring undertaken in connection with the temporary Dryden Rd closure.
– This should include all periods for all nodes in the network monitored, as daily (24h) traffic flows.
– The data should be broken down by motor vehicle and cycles.
– The preferred format for the data would be spreadsheet format.

In response to the above, we can confirm the following:

In terms of movement data, this is available via the link below:

Traffic flow

Further attached via the link below is the summary of peak hour walk and cycle movements on the E9 route, that we have been doing regularly since June:

Walk and cycle movements

As explained in the Dryden Road online consultation events, cycling levels are seasonal and overall travel demand is down this year. Cycle flows are also more variable from day to day than vehicles (weather impact).  The presentation included a graphic on the seasonality on the E9 route against seasonality across other routes in the city. We believe this is a fair way of showing the relative performance of the pop up route until we have at least a year’s data to make a full comparison.