Domestic non-recyclable rubbish

“Please supply the following:-

Total amount of domestic non-recyclable rubbish collected from homes in Devon?
159,639 tonnes (NI191 (household) (16/17). (Includes 16,033 delivered to Household Waste Recycling Centres by householders)

Total amount of rubbish entering landfill collected from Devon?
67,363 tonnes (NI193 (Municipal) (16/17)

Which landfills does domestic non-recyclable rubbish end up at? How much goes to each?
Broadpath in Mid Devon – 33% of the 67,363 tonnes
Deep Moor in Torridge – 67% of the 67,363 tonnes

Are any outside of Devon? If so where? What is the cost of exporting landfill rubbish to these?
No, there are none outside of Devon.

Does any rubbish get exported abroad? If so where and what is the cost?

Does Devon accept landfill waste from other councils in the UK? If so how much from each council?
The landfills are not owned by Devon County Council (DCC), they are commercially owned. It is therefore the operator’s decision who they accept waste from. However, our understanding from evidence dated 2011 gathered in 2013 for the Devon Waste Plan was that 5% of non-hazardous Local Authority Collected Waste and Commercial and Industrial waste landfilled in Devon was from outside Devon.

How much money does Devon Council make from taking other council’s landfill?
DCC does not take other council’s landfill, therefore we do not hold this information.

As a percentage how full to capacity are Devon’s landfill sites?
DCC does not own the landfill sites. Information not held.

Total amount of non-food Recycling collected in Devon?
104,676 tonnes (household) (BVPI82a)

How much of this is recycled?

What happens to the rest?
Not Applicable.

Does any recycling get exported to other authorities or abroad for processing? If so where?”
Information not held.