Domestic household waste collection services

Please can you answer the following questions on your domestic household waste collection services.

Q1. Do you operate a joint food and garden waste collection service (where food and garden waste is collected comingled)?

Q2. If yes to 1 above – do you charge for either collection and/or disposal for a garden and food waste service?

Q3. If yes to 2 above – what is the charge and frequency of collections?

Q4. If no to 2 above – do you charge just for garden waste collection?  if yes please tell us the cost and frequency of collections.

Q5. Do you make any charge directly or indirectly for collection and /or disposal of household food waste in any form?

Devon County Council is not a waste collection authority therefore, does not hold the information you have requested.   Waste collection is the responsibility of district and unitary authorities please contact them directly using the information on the link provided.