Domestic Abuse and Refuge Services

1.What services do you commission for survivors of domestic abuse?

Devon County Council commissions the following services under contract: information, advice and guidance; safeguarding and advocacy support (including Independent domestic violence advocate services), “breaking the cycle” interventions to prevent re-victimisation; building resilience interventions.

2.Which organisation/s currently holds this contract?

Splitz Support Service

3. Which organisation/s do you currently contract to run refuge and/or safe accommodation in your area?

Devon County Council has no contracts for the running of refuge and/or safe accommodation.  However the Council provides grant funding on an annual basis to the following organisations for this purpose:

North Devon against Domestic Abuse

Encompass Southwest

 4. When did the current contract for this commissioned service start?


5. When does the current contract for this commissioned service end? 


6. What is the total monetary value of the contract for this commissioned service?


7. Looking at your total current commissioned spend on domestic abuse provision, is it currently higher or lower or the same as when you last commissioned domestic abuse provision?