Disabled Adult and Child Refugees Resettled by DCC


“Could I please have the following data starting from the beginning of January 2014 up until the most recently available data, broken down by month:-

  1. Number of disabled adult refugees successfully resettled by your Council
  2. Number of disabled child refugees successfully resettled by your Council.”


Devon County Council (DCC) only holds figures on adults and children resettled in the County Council area for the UK government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme and Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme. For completeness, we provide, in the table below, the totals of people resettled as well as the numbers of disabled people.

Please note that in this response we have interpreted terms in the question as follows:

  • “resettled” – adults and children referred for resettlement in Devon under one of the two government schemes above.
  • “disabled” – a person with special educational or mobility needs as follows:
    • “Special Educational Needs” – a child has been placed in a special school, or a claim for additional SEN funding has been made to the government’s resettlement programme to support special educational provision for a child in a mainstream school or setting. Note that in some cases, special educational need is only identified some time after arrival. We are aware of at least two cases where potential additional needs are being assessed but have not yet been confirmed.
    • “mobility needs” – property adaptations or mobility aids for a resettled person were identified as a need before arrival.
  • “successfully resettled” – the people resettled are still resident in Devon, their needs have been assessed and provision and/or plans are in place to meet the assessed needs. This applies to all people who have been resettled to Devon to date.
Month Total number of adult refugees resettled under all government resettlement programmes Total number of child refugees resettled under all  government resettlement programme Number of disabled adult refugees successfully resettled Number of disabled child refugees successfully resettled
June 2016 4 6 2
August 2016 2 4 1
September 2016 2 2
October 2016 2 1
November 2016 4 6
February 2017 2 3 2
March 2017 4 2
April 2017 2 1

If you wish to speak with someone regarding the above request, please contact the Information Governance Team on 01392 383000 – ask for information governance – or email accesstoinformation-mailbox@devon.gov.uk


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