Cycling access control points

Please may I have a list of the
* location,
* style and
* installation date
of each the cycling access control points in Exeter and on the key cycling routes in and out of Exeter?
If such a document does not exist how else may a list of such installations be compiled? Who would do it? f not you, who holds the required information?
Is there a list of any that are pending installation? If so may I have that list too?
It would also be helpful to know of any contacts/enquiries made with/to the Council in regard to each specified installation. If such approaches exist but are not held by you then which department at the Council should I approach?
Finally, is the Council in the process of reviewing the efficacy of these installations and does a prioritised list for their modification or removal exist? If it does exist may I have an e-copy?

We do not hold data on current locations, or any proposed locations, of cycling access control points in Exeter and/or on key cycling routes into and out of Exeter.

A list of locations would need to be compiled manually by visiting each of the access control points on cycling routes and other paths. We do not currently have any plans to do this.