COVID in schools procedure and absence figures

I request a copy of DCC ‘COVID in schools procedure’. I am aware that the document exists but could not find it on the website.

All schools were provided with a template risk assessment by the Devon Health and Safety team.  A copy of which is available to view from this Covid-19 guidance, September 2021 webpage. This is the process schools follow and they must have produced an individual settings version of this.  Devon County Council does not hold a copy of this and if required it should be requested from the individual schools.

I also request specific school absence figures due to covid. I request absence figures due to positive covid tests for Yr 8 at St Peters Church of England secondary school (Exeter) during the autumn term from September until today. Can the information be provided by number of cases by day. 

Year 8 St Peters Church of England secondary school (Exeter)
Date Absence figures due to Covid (including those pending the result of a PCR test, as reported by the school)
09/09/2021 *
10/09/2021 *
13/09/2021 7
14/09/2021 8
15/09/2021 9
16/09/2021 9
17/09/2021 7
20/09/2021 9
21/09/2021 14
22/09/2021 16
23/09/2021 18
24/09/2021 17
27/09/2021 23
28/09/2021 27
29/09/2121 29
30/09/2021 29
01/10/2021 31
04/10/2021 47
05/10/2021 49
06/10/2021 49
07/10/2021 53
08/10/2021 53
11/10/2021 46
12/10/2021 43
13/10/2021 40
14/10/2021 29
15/10/2021 29
18/10/2021 17
19/10/2021 16
20/10/2021 13
21/10/2021 10
22/10/2021 7

The use of the * symbol means that we hold the information but believe that disclosure may identify individuals, breach their rights under Data Protection law and therefore the information is exempt under the Freedom of Information Act Section 40(2) personal data.

Please can you also inform me of the trigger point or threshold for numbers of positive cases prior to initiating additional covid control measures.

The UKHSA flow chart for schools’ outlines when schools should contact for further support.  Schools go through a risk assessment to put in place appropriate measures to mitigate risk of transmission.  The measures would be relevant to the situation but would be based on the DfE (Department for Education) school’s contingency framework.  Which can be viewed from this webpage

The DfE guidance for schools is available from this coronavirus (COVID-19) website.