Council Staff working on Climate Action

1a. How many staff does the Council directly employ (excluding contractors or subcontractors, and excluding teachers), that work directly for the Council as opposed to a school, leisure centres or other venture?

5,364 Full-time equivalents (FTE)

1b. How many directly employed staff spend 3 or more days per week (0.6 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)) on implementing the Climate Action Plan or other climate change projects? Please provide a list of all the roles. Please exclude waste management staff unless they are specifically working 3 or more days per week on implementing the Climate Action Plan or other climate change projects.

Net-zero and climate resilience are part of many job roles, critical to delivering the Devon Carbon Plan, even though those topics may not be their principal objectives.

The Climate Change, Environment and Transport directorate has 534 FTE staff, which is 10% of the Council’s total staff.

If you have answered yes to have a retrofit staff member below, this staff member can be included in this question even if they are contracted. This is likely to include all staff in your climate/sustainability team, such as Climate Change Officers or similar. This may include full time staff who spend 60% of their time on climate change projects and 40% of their time on other work.
You might include other staff in other departments, such as a procurement officer if they are spending 3 or more days per week (0.6 FTE) on writing and implementing a sustainable procurement policy or a planner that is working primarily on low carbon policies for new buildings.

2. Does the council have one or more staff member who works on home energy efficiency retrofitting, such as retrofit officers or project managers across the council area, for 3 or more days per week (0.6+ FTE)? This can include both directly employed and contracted staff, provided they work 3 or more days per week (0.6 FTE). The work of this officer may include working on any retrofit projects, including council buildings, council homes or private rented or owned households.

Please list any roles that work in this area, including the full time equivalent (FTE) if they work part time.

Please include staff members that are shared with other councils, such as between county and district councils, and note if they are shared across other areas.

Devon County Council employs a full-time Energy Manager and a Retrofit Support Officer. This is two full-time equivalent staff. These posts deliver retrofit projects across the council area.

In addition, a team of asset managers responsible for property maintenance, incorporate energy efficiency and renewable energy enhancement into corporate and school buildings as a routine element of general property maintenance.  Devon County Council does not hold information about the full-time equivalent of these roles.