Council houses and affordable housing schemes


How many council houses were;

a) built

b) funded (be that fully or in part funded eg funding given to a third party or housing trust or the council providing land or property in lieu of cash to support a new development)

c) sold in the financial years of 2014-2015, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

Can I have this broken down by year and in each year by built, funded and sold. 


In relation to 1b, if you have funded or part funded any development(s) how much did you spend? 


In relation to 1c how many properties worth over a million were sold? If so,

a) when

b) for how much

c) what is the postcode of the property?


In relation to 1c how much was raised by these sales, in total, in each of the years? 


The amount of these sales (if any) retained to provide one for one replacements? I’d like as an £ amount.


a) How many servicemen and women and their families have been applied to be given priority status since your authority’s introduction of the Armed Forces Covenant?

b) How many servicemen and women and their families have been given priority status in applying for Government-sponsored  affordable housing schemes

c) What is their average wait for a home (including application process)

d) what was the longest wait for a home?

Devon County Council do not hold the information you are seeking.  Housing is the responsibility of district, unitary or city councils and any policies will therefore have been formulated by these councils.

We therefore recommend that you contact them directly using the information on the links provided.