Contraceptive Implant


  1. Please state the total number of girls aged 16 and under given the contraceptive implant Nexplanon (or equivalent brand as described here: in each of the these calendar years:
    a) 2017
    b) 2016
    c) 2015
    NB: If data for calendar years is not available, please provide data for financial years and highlight that this is the case.
    2. For each year, a), b) and c), please break down this total number into the following age brackets:
    i) Aged 16
    ii) Aged 15
    iii) Aged 14
    iv) Aged 13
    v) Aged under 13


This level of information is not held by Devon County Council.  We would suggest that you may wish to re-direct your request to providers such as sexual health clinics and GPs.