Construction contractor health and safety competence

Can you please tell me who at the council is responsible for checking the health & safety competence, training certificates & insurances of contractors used within the council’s frameworks? Response in Respect of Built Environment:

Please note: we have interpreted your request to apply to construction. If you require the information in respect of other areas of council operations please contact us.

We have appointed accreditation contractors (via a European Union compliant Tender process), as follows, to review contractor suitability to work for Devon County Council.

Both of these providers initially assess and monitor contractors appointed to DCC arrangements so that appropriate accreditations and insurances are maintained and renewed on expiry.  DCC maintain ultimate accountability for the accreditation.

Over and above these checks, on larger construction projects (for example for all CDM ‘- Construction Design and Management Regulations –  Notifiable Projects’) then DCC issue Pre construction Information / Health & Safety file (of known site information) and the Contractors are required to respond with a ‘Construction Phase Plan’.