Connecting Devon and Somerset

On February 6, Gigaclear announced that Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) and Gigaclear Ltd have reached a settlement following the cancellation last year of the five contracts CDS had with Gigaclear Ltd. See the announcement here: 


1. The announcement says that “both parties have announced that they have reached a settlement”, but no such announcement has yet appeared on the Devon CC News Centre website. If CDS have made an announcement elsewhere that they have reached a settlement with Gigaclear Ltd, please sent me a copy of that announcement or a link to it.

The announcement is on the Connecting Devon & Somerset (CDS) website on the Latest News section here –

CDS website

and on the Gigaclear Termination FAQs here –

Gigaclear FAQs

2. The Gigaclear statement says “CDS welcomes the terms of the settlement which will be reinvested in the local broadband programme.” This suggests that a payment is being made by Gigaclear Ltd to CDS as part of the settlement. Please can you state what that payment is?

This information is on the Somerset County Council (SCC) website here –

SCC website

3. Will CDS make any payment(s) to Gigaclear Ltd under the settlement?


4. The Gigaclear statement also says “CDS welcomes Gigaclear’s commitment to continue with its roll out of full fibre broadband in those communities where work started under the former contracts”. Please specify, using maps and postcodes, the communities where work started under the former contracts that Gigaclear will complete?

Whilst CDS welcomes Gigaclear’s commitment in this matter, we have no involvement or influence in their future commercial deployment and are therefore unable to provide this information.

5. Will CDS pay Gigaclear Ltd for completion of any of the work started under the former contracts?


6. Will CDS make any payment(s) to Gigaclear Ltd as part of the settlement?