Complaints regarding Road Maintenance and money spent on Repairs

“I am writing to request data from Devon County Council for the road (including name and/or postcode of the road) most complained about for maintenance reasons e.g. potholes, road surface etc. including the number of complaints it received. I also request data for the road which has had the most money spent on it by the council for repairs. 

I request this data for the year 2016/17 and that the data be returned in the following format:

Road name and postcode of the road which has received the most complaints for maintenance reasons  

The road which has had the most complaints / reported defects for maintenance reasons is the lane to West Peeke Farm, Tetcott, Devon, EX22 6RE


Road name of the road which has had the most money spent on its repairs – Postcode – Value of repairs to that road in £’s.” 

The road which received the greatest amount of capital funding in 2016/2017 was the A388, with two major schemes.  These are Highway Structural Maintenance schemes:-

A388 Swingate Cross EX22 6QG to Blagdon Cross Clawton – £260,793

A388 West Wonford EX22 7DW to Woodford Bridge EX22 7LL – £279,806

A388 Total = £540,599