Commissioning Framework

FOI Request – FAO Children’s Commissioners
The purpose of this request is to develop an understanding of what is good practice in joint commissioning and funding of external placements with health/CCG/ICBs and children’s social care. 
Please answer accordingly
Q1 Do you have a joint commissioning framework for externally commissioned placements for children? No frameworks are Devon County Council (DCC) commissioned.
Q1a If yes, does this joint commissioning framework include partners from ‘health’ (eg, CCG or new ICBs)? N/A
Q1b Please share the terms of reference (ToR) or joint agreement, if health are included N/A
Q2 Do ‘health’ eg CCG/ICB, joint fund externally commissioned placements (eg, residential, therapeutic foster care, SEND, semi-independent provision)? Yes
Q2a If yes, what are the terms (please share a ToR or agreement)? There is a Joint Agency Protection Panel consisting of DCC Children’s Social Care, DCC Education and Integrated Care Board (ICB). There are no terms of reference on file.
Q2b If yes, how is that funding split for the following: (e.g. a shared percentage cost) The methods detailed in the response to question Q4 are used to identify shared costs on a case by case true cost basis. There is no fixed percentage for any services / support.
-therapeutic foster care
-SEND provision
-semi-independent provision
Q3 Do any other partners contribute (over and above children’s social care and health/CCG)? No (except Education which is internal to DCC so not a separate entity).
Q3a If yes, who and on what terms? N/A
Q4 Is the criteria in the ‘continuing care funding’ model used as a methodology for split funding? Yes
Q4b If yes, is this the only criteria ‘health’ use to determine funding? No, ICB also use the CHAT tool to calculate the number hours of health specific support provided – one off requests can also be made where continuing care funding is not available but there is a health need that the authority cannot deliver.
Q5 What was your Council 2021/22 yearly spend on external placements? £47,861,800
Q5a What element of that was funded by health? 3.10%
Q5b What element of that was funded by education? 4.50%
Q5c What element of that was funded by ‘other’? 0%
Q6 Have you involved children or parents in your joint commissioning process? N/A
Q7 Do you refer to any models of practice in your commissioning framework or joint funding framework? No
Q7a If yes, please share this? N/A
Q8 Do you have any other comments? No.