Childrens Social Care Assessments and Sharing Process

1. Is there any connection between childhood experiences and future parenting abilities. Can you supply evidence to back up your response?

Devon County Council  (DCC) do not hold this information

2. Do professionals like Cafcass, Guardian ad litem, Psychologists etc have access to child social services paperwork prior to doing their assessments?

No, they do not have access to children’s social care records. Those that are party to the proceedings such as the Guardian (also known as CAFCASS) have all papers that are submitted to the court as part of the proceedings.  When the Court instructs an expert/specialist assessment, all parties agree what written materials will be shared.  If no agreement – the Judge will Order this.  If an expert/specialist assessment is required outside of proceedings, an agreed letter of instruction will set out what written information will be shared.

3. If so what type of information is shared and is this only in child social services vs parents or also in custody disputes?

DCC would only share information if agreed by both parents or ordered by the Court. Again, only information owned by DCC would be shared.

4. Do child social services share paperwork, even historical with other child social services areas for example from Coventry to South Yorkshire?


5. If so under what circumstances?

If there are child protection concerns

6. How often is misinformation passed between different child social services areas?

DCC do not hold this information

7. What can the person that misinformation pertains to do about it?

If a parent feels incorrect information has been shared they have the right to complain through our complaints process