Children’s homes – placements, providers and payments

Please can you list all the providers of children’s homes where the authority has placed looked after children, including

(a) the number of in-area


(b) out-of-area placements


for each provider,


(c) the total amount paid to each provider for the placements,

This is can be seen on this spreadsheet

(d) number of serious incidents notifications (missing child, police called, illness etc.) 

160 total

for each provider


(e) number of placement breakdowns (unplanned ends to placements) for each provider in 2020/21 (financial year)? 

There were a total of 9 in 2020/21.

In response to the request for the number for each provider and the questions marked above with a * the information will not reflect the individual circumstances of any particular case which a provider will have been dealing with and may therefore present an inaccurate picture of any provider’s performance.   Disclosure of this information may therefore impact upon the interests of the council and future commercial arrangements with providers.  It is not in the public interest to impact upon these commercial interests on the basis of limited information and an inaccurate picture.  This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.