Children Missing Education

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I would like to receive information regarding children aged 16 and under not in education, defined as ‘children missing education are children of compulsory school age who are not registered pupils at a school and are not receiving suitable education otherwise than at a school,’ as per governmental statutory guidance.

Specifically, I would like to receive details of:
– The number of children counted as missing education in this local authority. If possible, it would be useful to have this information broken down by age and gender.- 

During 2017-18 (1/09/17 – 29/08/18) there have, over the course of the year, been 576 young people who were recorded at some point as being children missing education (CME). The case for the majority of these children (521) were closed after a short period of time as the period of CME had been due to changes such as a house move. In addition, 31 cases are currently inactive as Devon has a policy of not removing any child from our CME list until we have confirmation from another Local Authority that the child has arrived at school. For most of these 31 the destination was known and we are awaiting this confirmation. The remaining pupils would have been active CME cases.

For a list of a breakdown of gender and national curriculum year (NCY), the list is available via the link below:

CME breakdown

– The number of home tutors provided by the local authority to children who are not currently enrolled at a school.