Cervical Cancer Screening

What activities has your local authority undertaken to promote cervical screening and increase uptake over the last year, August 2016 to August 2017?

(We are looking for an outline of any activities that the local authority public health team has been involved in or led, for example, working directly with GP surgeries to raise awareness of screening; raising awareness through print and digital channels; working directly with women in the community; and through targeted information provision. We do not need any documentation, but would be grateful for as high level of detail as you are able to give.)

 The commissioning of cervical screening, including the promotion of the screening programme to increase uptake, is the responsibility of NHS England, supported by Public Health England.  The Local Authority has worked collaboratively with PHE and NHS England in promoting and uplifting national campaigns, including “Jo’s Trust” through the use of social media campaigns.


What were the outcomes of those activities? For example, greater awareness, increased screening coverage. – Information not held.  Please note that this question would need to be directed to NHS England.

Have local targets been set to improve cervical screening coverage?

Yes / No (please delete as appropriate) – No, but there is a target set by NHS England which is 80% coverage.

If yes, please give details – N/A.

Does your local authority public health team have a budget to promote uptake of cervical screening?
Yes / No (please delete as appropriate) – No
If yes, please give details – N/A.

Is your public health team aware of the report published by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in January 2017, ‘Cervical Screening in the Spotlight: an audit of activities undertaken by local authorities and clinical commissioning groups to increase cervical screening coverage in England’? – Yes.
If yes, have any additional activities to improve cervical screening coverage been undertaken or planned as a result of the ‘Cervical Screening in the Spotlight’ report?

Yes / No (please delete as appropriate) – No. we would work with NHS England on any local activities and link with them directly through the Health Protection Committee.
If yes, can you outline the activities / plans? – N/A.

Are women able to attend cervical screening at the sexual health services in your local authority area? Please mark the correct box.
Yes – all women who attend an appointment and are due their cervical screening – Not at present but we understand that NHS England are looking at contracting direct with the provider.

Yes – some women are able to receive their cervical screening on an opportunistic basis.
If this is the case, please specify which groups:
 YES.  At present they are undertaken on an opportunistic basis.  NHS England has recently agreed to pay for screens
No – women are unable to receive cervical screening at sexual health services in our local authority area.


Have you undertaken any work with local schools or other partners to increase uptake of the HPV vaccine?

  1. Yes / No (please delete as appropriate) – No, would support NHS England communication with schools as requested due to our links with local schools.
  2. If yes, please give details. – N/A.