Business Rates For Commercial Premises

I am keen to demonstrate the unfortunate waste of space under current practices with concrete evidence. Would you please provide me with the following information for commercial premises which are currently vacant and where the ratable value of the property exceeds £10,000 and the account holder is liable for empty property rates.

1. The full address including postcode

2. Property reference number

3. The name of the account holder where it is not an individual (if it is, please leave it blank)

4. The rateable value of the property

5. The date on which the premises first became vacant

6. The type of property (if such information is easily included)

Devon County Council is not responsible for commercial premises, therefore we do not hold this information.

In the interest of providing you advice and assistance, please find details for each of the district councils in Devon on our website at;

Details for the unitary councils of Plymouth City and Torbay Borough Council are available below;

I therefore suggest that you contact each of these organisations directly to obtain the information requested