Business improvement districts

I would like to request details of any funds used by the authority in relation to the establishment of a business improvement district regardless, of the outcome of this spend.

I am interested in monies spent hiring consultants to write a business plan and carry out a ballot as well as funds spent on any feasibility studies which may have not, or not yet, resulted in a business improvement district being established.

In the event of funds having been spent I would also like to know the name of the area in question, X Town Centre or Y Industrial Estate for example. In the event of a business improvement district being established the only information I require is the name of the organisation.

Devon County Council do not hold any information with regard to business improvement districts (BID).

We understand that where a property lies within the boundary of a BID area, as a business ratepayer, it is liable to pay an additional levy on its premises within the BID area.

Business rates are the responsibility of district, city or unitary councils and we would therefore recommend that you contact one of these councils for further information. Contact details can be found our website at: