Bus travel for care leavers

1. Does your local authority provide care leavers aged 18-25 with any financial assistance with the costs of local bus travel?

Yes if there is an assessed need that means providing financial assistance will support them to attend/maintain engagement with education, work or training, and if they are unable to access a bursary from their education/training provider. A travel payment can be requested, in exceptional circumstances, for those young people who need to attend daily hospital appointments, visit family (where agreed in their Pathway Plan), attend job interviews etc. The payment should be, where possible in the form, of a travel/bus pass.

2. If yes can you provide the following information about your policy on providing care leavers with assistance for local bus travel?

* Is help provided to all care leavers or is there qualifying criteria to receive financial assistance for bus travel? If there is qualifying criteria, please provide information on what the qualifying criteria are.

This assistance is provided based on assessed need for each individual.

* Does the financial assistance allow care leavers to use buses for free or at a discounted rate on the usual adult price? If a discounted rate is offered, what percentage discount is available?

Not for free, and not at a discounted rate. If we provide the assistance, we pay the full costs or contribute to the full costs.

* Does the financial assistance provided apply to all bus services or is it limited to those provided at a particular time of day or on particular routes? If it is limited please provide details of which services the financial assistance is applicable to.

This assistance is provided based on assessed need for each individual. The travel pass we provide funds for will allow the young person to be able to travel where they need to go for work/education/training/appointments. Depending where they need to go to and where from, will dictate the travel pass that is purchased, that may be restricted to certain times/areas.

* Please provide a copy of any written policy you have outlining your policy on providing care leavers with financial assistance with local bus travel.

The link to the Financial Offer on the Stand Up Speak Up website can be accessed here