Bus safety incident data

Bus Safety Incident Data for the period 1 January -30 March 2019 showing:

1. Date of Incident
2. Bus Route
3. Local Name of Operator
4. Operator Group Name (if applicable)
5. Bus Garage/Depot
6. Injury Description (Fatality, Serious/Minor Injury ‘ Taken to Hospital, MinorTreated at Scene)
7. Victim’s Sex
8. Victim’s Age
9. Incident Event Type (Collision, Fall, Assault, other)
10. Victim Category (Passenger, Pedestrian, Cyclists, 3rd Party Vehicle, Bus Driver, other)

We have interpreted the request to refer to registered local bus services. Devon County Council is not legally obliged to record the data you have requested as the bus network in Devon is deregulated, therefore we do not hold the information. The information may be held by the local bus companies themselves, or by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.