Bus Pass Access Wallets

1.    What do access wallets for bus passes cost the council or what percentage do they pay into them;

The Council pays 100% of the cost.  The wallets are from a specialist supplier due to the braille printing, and cost 93p each to produce.

2.    What they cost the sponsors or what percentage they paid into them;

There are no sponsors for the Devon Access Wallet.

3.    How many access wallets are ordered, the supplier/manufacturer and cost, how many do the council stock at today’s date;

We ordered 2,000 (minimum order quantity) in July 2019 from a company called TS Print. Estimated quantity in stock at present is 1,900.

4.    What date the rules changed that they cannot be given out;

The wallets have only ever been distributed to residents of Devon.  Also, we sometimes distribute small quantities of wallets to other organisations for example the local learning disability community who work directly with Devon residents.

5.    Who decided this and the minutes of the meeting into policy setting changes as to that rule;

The scheme has been determined by officers as part of their responsibilities. There are no formal meeting minutes.

6.    What the policy is that sponsors that paid into the pass production have no say over who they are given to;

There are no sponsors paying into the pass production.

7.    Were the sponsors at the meeting to set policy into not giving them out;

There are no sponsors.

8.    What, if any, is the exceptional override policy to receive one (out of the ordinary course of their issue);

There is no explicit policy.

9.  What is the appeals process if denied one.

There is no specific appeals process, but if desired, a complaint can be made via the Devon County Council’s Complaints Process