Broadband – council buildings

How many council buildings have access to superfast broadband? Please specify an amount?

By reference to Ofcom’s definition of 30Mbps+ download the answer is zero.

However, we can confirm that Devon County Council use leased lines for speeds over 30Mbps. We use Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC) which technically is a SuperFast service, but we run at 20Mbps in both directions, which is lower than Ofcom’s definition. We use EoFTTC at approximately 35 sites.

Have you invested in connectivity projects aimed at improving local council offered services in the last 12 months? Yes/No

If no, do you have plans for future projects? Yes/No
If yes, how much has been invested so far? Please specify an amount
If yes, can you provide any details of these plans? Please specify any projects you are working on

In response to the above questions,there have not been  any connectivity projects whose sole focus is to improve Local Council Services.

However, Devon County Council, working with the Connecting Devon and Somerset programme, has however delivered over 300,000 superfast connections across Devon and Somerset to date. We are also currently extending coverage further focused on premises not being covered commercially.