Bridge Maintenance

1. How many road bridges are you responsible for maintaining?


We can further clarify that since last year 60 larger bridges and nominally 1,130 bridges, with a span of 0.9-1.5m, have been added to our inventory. The smaller bridges are an estimate. These have been included because the criterion for reporting in the Whole of Government Accounts is a minimum span of 0.9m. This is at odds with the Management of Highway Structures – Code of Practice that defines a bridge as having a minimum span of 1.5m. Those with a span of 0.9 to 1.5m are classed as highway drainage within our authority. This is the first year that we have included these structures in the WGA.

2. For the last financial year (2016/17) how many Principal Inspections have taken place


3. For the last financial year (2016/17) how many General Inspections have taken place?


4. For the last financial year (2016/17) how many Structural reviews and/or BD21 assessments have been conducted?


5. How many sub-standard (in terms of capacity) and/or weight restricted bridges do you have?


6. Of these, how many do you intend to return to full load carrying capacity in the next 5 years?


7. How many bridges would you return to full load carrying capacity if you had no resource restrictions?


8. (i) How many of your bridges require post tensioned special inspections (PSTIs)?


(ii) How many of those have had PSTIs within the last 18 years?


9. What is the current Depreciation (i.e. difference between your GRC and DRC as declared for your WGA return for 2016/17)?


This has been reported using the guidelines provided by the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy, and includes the additional bridges as described in question 1 above.

10. Have you calculated your back log (or workbank) for bridges? What is the calculated value of your backlog of road bridges, or your best estimate if a calculated value is not available?


11. What is the annual cost of maintaining your bridge stock at its current level (standstill budget)?

Devon County Council does not hold this information.