Braunton Parish traffic statistics 2013-2020

The information we require is stated below

Braunton Parish traffic statistics in respect of
* annual traffic by vehicle type
* traffic volume, speed, vehicle classification and cycle track usage.
Time period from most recent year then back over 5 years plus as expectation is that there will be a decline in vehicle movement during the pandemic lock down periods. Most recent stats appear to be 2020 so info for 2013 – 2020 would be helpful.

We can confirm that Devon County Council has permanent Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC’s) embedded in the carriageways of the A361 Ilfracombe Road, and in the B3231 Saunton Road, and this results of these has been extracted to ascertain the traffic data for the last five years, as requested.  If information is still required prior to 2017, please feel free to return to us.

The attached spreadsheet  shows the traffic flows, traffic speeds and estimated vehicle classification information from both of these locations.

It is important to note that ATC’s occasionally suffer from site damage and/or equipment failures which can result in periods of limited data or no data at all being recorded.

The ATC in Ilfracombe Road has suffered with a number of such problems during the last five years, and this has resulted in several months where we only have data for one direction of the traffic and some months where we have no data at all.

The ATC site in Saunton Road is much more complete, although there are a few periods where only limited data is available.

The information supplied in the spreadsheet makes it clear which time periods have been affected by these issues. Please bear this in mind when looking at any of the data for either site, as clearly the results and calculations can only be based on the data available.

Unfortunately, we do not hold any information on cycle track usage and we do not have ATC’s on any other roads in the Parish