Biodiversity Net Gain

1.Who is the BNG lead within the council and what are their direct contact details?  

There is, at present, no single lead for all aspects of BNG, with responsibilities divided between those overseeing the regulation of BNG requirements through the planning system and the delivery of BNG commitments linked to Devon County Council led development.  However, the single most appropriate contact would be the County Ecologist – Sarah Jennings email:

2.What practises/processes do the council currently have, or intend to have, in place for how they are going to manage/monitor the 30-year requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) from November 2023 when 10% BNG becomes mandatory?

Current processes linked to Devon County Council’s role as a planning authority are set out through its Validation Requirements – Planning (, section 3.5 Ecology.  In addition, Devon Planning Guidance for Biodiversity Compensation and Net Gain was produced in liaison with other bodies and is available via the Wildlife and geology planning guidance – Environment ( webpage, under the Biodiversity Net Gain tab.

3.What information/technology systems do you plan to utilise to manage/monitor the delivery of BNG? 

There are no specific plans in place at present.

4.Which outside bodies (eg. wildlife trusts, ecologists, community groups, habitat banks) are you working with to assist in delivering Biodiversity Net Gain?

There has been dialogue with wide range of external organisations on the general approach to delivery of Biodiversity Net Gain (i.e. see the acknowledgements on page 2 of the Planning Guidance document referred to above).  Specific opportunities for support for Devon County Council in its delivery of Biodiversity Net Gain commitments have been explored with the Biosphere Foundation.

5. Is the council planning to use any of their own land to deliver BNG? If so, please provide details of the location and size.

The Authority has started to consider potential opportunities to use it own land for the delivery of Biodiversity Net Gain requirements but has yet to develop any systematic assessment or listing.  One County Council owned site at which a Biodiversity Net Gain commitment is, currently, being delivered is c.5 hectares of land in the floodplain of the River Erme to the south of Ermington.

6.What plans do you have in place, or intend to have for the training of staff on BNG?

There has been some past attendance at training events organised by CIEEM.  However, the key approach to in-house staff development and learning is through engagement with the Planning Advisory Service Local Authority Practitioners Network, as well as other networking through organisations such as ADEPT and ALGE and more informal liaison with local partners, particularly other local authorities in Devon.