Bespoke ICT Software Systems

1. Does your organisation use any bespoke software systems?

Yes. See list below of the main bespoke systems.

If yes, please kindly complete the following questions. If no, please proceed to question 2. 

a) What is the core purpose of these system/s?
Trams – provision of transport for Devon children to schools and ability to pay for school transport

Transactions services:-

  1. telephone payments – enables business to take telephone payments from the public for a ranges of services provided by Devon County Council
  2. Waste management – recording data of trade waste.
  3. Learn Devon – integrated a bespoke payment gateway to third party supplied systems for taking payments for learning courses.
  4. Absence forms – enables recording of all staff absences information
  5. Several Access systems developed for various business units

b) Do these system/s integrate with your organisations financial management systems?

Some systems integrate with the corporate financial system

c) Do these system/s enable e-payments, online payments or BACS transactions?

Some systems enable online payments

d) Which company/companies are you contracted to for each bespoke software system?

All bespoke systems are developed in house by Devon County Council Staff

e) What is the total value of each of these contracts over their respective terms?

Contracts are covered by internal staff therefore there is no total value

f) When does the current contract term for these system/s expire?

Contracts are covered by internal staff

g) Who are the technical and procurement leads for these system/s and their contact details?  

Contact is SaaS (Software as a Service) Manager

2. Is your organisation in the process of exploring the scope or planning the procurement of a bespoke software system or an off-the-shelf commercially branded software system which you envisage will require bespoke development to fit your organisation’s needs?

It is our current policy to use commercially available software (Software as a Service) where a new system is required and to use this as “off the shelf” as possible.  Most systems allow some local configuration to meet business requirements.

Where there is a requirement for a new system, this will generally be published on the “Supplying the South West” Procurement Portal

Currently there is an active procurement for a Fully Hosted and Managed Human Resources Management System.  Further details are available by registering in the portal to access the full tender documentation.