Asbestos in Schools

Oldway Primary School, Paignton and Goosewell Primary School, Plymouth  from April 1984 to April 1998 (Pre-1998 Unitary Authority Designation) 

Please specifically identify and provide details (including dates) of any substantive renovation, demolition or asbestos removal/encapsulation works which have taken place to these schools and their premises since between 1 April 1984 and transfer to Torbay/Plymouth Councils following their unitary authority designation in 1998; 

The historic asbestos register (pre-2004) shows no records for these 2 schools for this period which predates the introduction of the asset database. We do not hold the archived data. 

If so, please identify the contractors used for the renovation and removal works. 

See above 

Also confirm whether suspended ceiling tiles containing asbestos based materials (ABMs) have ever been installed at either school.   

If so please identify where they were installed, when were they removed and by whom? 

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Provide details of any improvement or prohibition notice served, or guidance issued by the HSE, in relation to either School and the management of asbestos.  

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Supply evidence of guidance issued by you to either school concerning the duty to manage asbestos under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations or otherwise.

The Devon County Council Health and Safety service do not hold historic records for this period. 

Have any school employees (existing and former to include teaching staff, school support staff and caretakers, etc) or former pupils pursued any claims against you for exposure to asbestos in relation to either school (in relation to the period in which you maintained the school)?

Devon County Council do not have any records of asbestos relation claims for either primary school for the period 01.04.1984 – 30.04.1998. 

Identify the number of these claims that have been settled.

Not applicable