Alverdiscott Road and Mines Road

I would like to know the number of complaints/ concerns (if recorded) and recorded road traffic accidents  (if you have been informed) regarding the roads around East-the-water primary school (Alverdiscott Road and Mines Road). I’m happy to accept what you have for the last calendar year.

We have received the following total number of customer enquiries, concerns or complaints the whole of last year up until 28th April :

Alverdiscott Road – 31

Mines Road – 16

A further 296 complaints were logged for the whole of highways in Devon in the period 22/04/21 to date. However, it would require a review of each complaint to establish if any of these further complaints related to this area. Allowing for, say, 5 minutes per complaint, this would take approximately 25 hours. This is in excess of the appropriate time limit of 18 hours and we therefore not obliged to provide this information pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Information regarding road traffic accidents is available online at: Collision map – Roads and transport

I would also like to know the number of penalty notices your traffic warden has issued whilst patrolling Alverdiscott Road

No penalty notices have been issued in the last financial year (2021-22)